Saturday, December 26, 2020

Making Merry: 2020 Edition


Our rainy Christmas Eve started with a cleaning frenzy. Everything got made spic and span including one unhappy Pup.

I had The Mister dig Dad's snowman out from the shed. It was a mess. It got a bath too. 

I think he brought me some luck because we had snow showers on Christmas Day. I wouldn't call it a white Christmas but it was close enough.

We got a call late on the night of the 23rd that a good friend of The Mister and his wife were struggling with Covid. They both suffer from other serious chronic illnesses so this was worrying. It kicked both of us into holiday gear so the tree came out the next morning. Life can change in an instant these days. There isn't a Christmas to waste. 

Christmas Eve dinner is always lasagna. I really struggled with my limited space. I slopped stuff everywhere. Christmas dinner was the leftovers. 

Mom's strawberry trifle was for dessert and breakfast Christmas morning. 

Speaking of breakfast.....I had the big idea to make crumpets. The Mister loves them.

Well, that didn't go so well. I won't be doing that again. I have made them before but the crumpet karma has clearly worn off. 

While I was waiting for the ill fated crumpet batter to rise for two hours I did get some knitting done on those crazy Christmas socks but I sure didn't finish them. Maybe by New Year's.

We didn't really do gifts but The Mister got me some Jacks and I got him one of those grabby stick things that Dad used to have that picks things up for you.

The highlight of my ho hum day, if there was one, was working on my puzzle. It wasn't much of a Christmas but it was a Christmas and in times like these I am most grateful for any day that doesn't bring more bad news. 


  1. I think your day sounds wonderful and I'm so glad that you put your tree up and the snowman out. I AM sorry to hear about The Mister's friend and his wife. Please keep us informed about them and I'll pray for them too.
    The lasagna sounds good. Dennis would have liked that for dinner. I made ham with the trimmings and we'll be eating it forever! :-)
    How is the baby blanket going? Those socks match perfectly. Yippee!
    Take care Debbie.
    Blessings and love,

  2. Merry Christmas! Herbie looks happy about the tree!

  3. Trifle for breakfast sounds decadent. :-)

    Sending good wishes to your friends and hoping that they recover quickly and completely.

  4. I'm so glad you put up your tree. The socks are awesome and that trifle looks delicious. I hope your friends will be okay.

  5. I hope your friends feel better, you are right there isn't a Christmas to waste. Merry Christmas. Stay safe.

  6. Hope your friend will be okay. Yeah for getting out a tree...we did not but we are enjoying the lights in the kitchen:) The Trifle looks awesome...can't say I have ever had crumpets. :)

  7. A belated Merry Christmas and heart felt wishes for a safe New Year. Our Christmas day was seriously low key but nice and lazy. xx

  8. Great attitude and I laughed with you over the crumpet but that trifle is fantastic looking!!!
    I'm proud of you to make the effort for Christmas; it isn't easy.