Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Cookie Day

 I had put off cookie making long enough so for the second year in a row I used my stove top and the 12 inches I have left of counter space to roll out some dough.


I can't find any of the tried and true recipes I have stored away so I decided to go with the big names this year. This is Martha Stewart's gingerbread cookies. 

They would have been fine-if I had left out the black pepper. I've never used it in cookies before and thought I might try it. I won't again. is nasty.  Not having any meringue powder on hand, I also tried out a recipe for eggless royal icing. You use honey instead and it worked just fine. In spite of my sloppy and impatient piping it dried nice and hard. 

I used Alton Brown's sugar cookie recipe. It was crumbly to roll.......

.....but it made a decent sugar cookie. You can't go wrong with sprinkles. That's my kind of decorating. 

I got tired of rolling out that crumbly mess so the rest of the dough turned into to Russian tea cakes.

Then I tried something I've wanted to try for ages-the chocolate crinkle cookie. I had a co-worker that made them and I loved them. Mine spread out. Hers were rounded.

I added another 1/4 cup of flour to the remaining batter and they puffed up a little better but still not like hers. I'll have to try another recipe for them next year. There were several online. 

I killed an entire day fooling with cookies and have a nice big tin to show for it. 

The big hero of the day however was my castile soap. It's officially one year old now and that's the proper cure time. It's not a big bubble maker but when you are washing sticky dough off your hands fifty times an hour the gentleness is much appreciated. 


  1. That bar of soap looks lovely, but the cookies. Oh my! They look wonderful. I can't believe that you made all of that goodness on 12 inches of counter space. I would seriously lose my mind. Our last trailer drove me batty because that about all the counter space I had in it and I didn't live there either. You're a saint.

  2. YUM! They all look delicious (and I'm a lover of black pepper - in coffee, in cookies, wherever!!).

  3. Oh, that tin of cookies is very festive--good job on trying new recipes!

  4. No cookies were baked here this year...but we have more than enough from our daughter and my sister and friends who think we need them. You did good with a limited kitchen! :)

  5. Oh those cookies! They all look delicious, but the Mexican wedding cakes would be my favorite. They are so delicate (and TASTY!)

  6. They all look delicious.. but i'm with you on the black pepper in cookies... WHY???
    Today I'm making a lemon cookie that's supposed to be rolled, but I don't have the patience. They got rolled into balls and flattened slightly. They are getting icing and sprinkles and that will have to be "fancy" enough

  7. Russian Tea Cakes are my favorites. Unfortunately, I didn’t make any cookies this year.

  8. I reeeeealllly want a cookie now! Happy Christmas!

  9. The cookies all look great but.... black pepper in cookies??? Granted, I'm not big on change or anything new but.... black pepper in cookies???
    Is the soap as big as it looks? Besides looking big, it also looks very moisturizing.
    Merry Christmas!!

  10. oh how I love Christmas cookies. Your tin is amazing!!!!! I used to do the cookie gun thing, but no more. And sadly, no cookie buying at church cookie walks with COVID