Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Knit Not


I swear Altheda is growing. It just doesn't look like it. I have a marker in it so I can measure my progress.

Festive Doodle is only this big. Re-knitting the yoke hasn't been nearly as much fun as knitting it the first time. 

I don't think I am ever going to finish these socks. I have never been less interested in a pair of socks. 

This is why I can't get any knitting done. My brain wants to put puzzles together. I finished my new Christmas one in record time. It was a lot of fun.

Now I am moving on to finish the puzzle The Mister pulled out down in the man cave for Christmas. It's a hard one and he's given up. Not me. The hard stuff is right up my alley. 


  1. That's funny. My friend Nita is also putting puzzles together instead of crocheting baby hats. I think a LOT of people are doing them right now.
    Your sweaters are both beautiful and I especially like the first one. Gorgeous. It's a good thing you're doing the socks two at a time or the second one might never be completed. Ha!
    Take care Debbie.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. The pieces in the nutcracker puzzle look so small!

    I suppose it doesn't matter what we work on in the long run. The knitting will get done.

    I think that will be my goal in 2021. NO PRESSURE knitting.

  3. Allison is doing this amazing artwork puzzle. Each block of puzzle is thick and she says it has a satisfying click! I'll show a photo on my biog, Deb. Sorry if my anonymous comment confused . I have to watch that setting! it was funny though in a twisted way

  4. Springbok puzzles are fun. The nutcrackers will definitely provide a challenge. I finally finished a pair of socks that was a two month slog. I need a knit break.

  5. After the fun of a yoke sweater, the body can be a real slog! Keep going! The puzzles are a nice distraction because you put all of your thinking into it--whereas knitting leaves lots of room for deeper thoughts.