Friday, December 4, 2020

You'd Think I'd Learn


It was almost exactly to the day last year when the city tree lighting was ruined for me when I wore some unwashed knitwear that I had stored over the summer. It gave me a terrible allergy attack and I was so miserable that we had to leave early and head home so I could swallow a big swig of Benedryl while I could still breathe.

I did the same thing yesterday. I had washed my dusty winter coat but did not wash the sweaters I had finished last winter but never wore. I had packed them away in a box but apparently that wasn't good enough to keep off the dust cooties. I wanted The Mister to take a photo of me wearing one of my never worn Soldotnas but instead I went home and dumped them in the bathtub for a good wash along with some other assorted knitwear that I may come in contact with in the future.

Instead of a photo with me wearing my Soldotna, here are the two of them drying on a makeshift drying rack using two baby gates. I can say that for the short (and miserable) time I had one on I really liked it. The short sleeves work great with my big coat. Long sleeves are just too hot and bulky for me when I have to put a coat on over something. 

In happier knitting news I finished my fancy Pairfect Pair socks. I really love them but they are going in the gift box. I think they will be part of a New Year's challenge.

I've got several balls of this yarn waiting to be socks already and this one just showed up. I wanted something festive to work on in December. My 2021 goal just might be to see if I can make everyone a Pairfect Pair. I wonder how many different colorways there are?


  1. Ooooh, that is a good goal. Maybe I should do that for next Christmas too! Where do you buy your Pairfect yarn? I guess I could Google it couldn't I? Ha!
    I'm sorry your sweater made you miserable but just think, they've all been washed and you're ready to go now. I hope you show us a photo of you wearing them.

    1. I have had the best luck finding it on Ebay. Sellers had the best prices with free shipping and lots to choose from. I just got two more balls last night.

  2. Sorry about the dust allergies (I am sneezing SO MUCH these days). Love the socks - they turned out great.

  3. Sometimes I make myself wonder when I repeat the same mistakes but this year was enough to make what happened to you last Christmas fall out of your mind! So sorry you missed the tree lighting but thankful you got home and took care of things!

  4. My allergies are the pits, right now, too, I keep thinking I'm coming down with a cold but then I don't. I'm sorry yours give you such a reaction! The socks are gorgeous---I love knitting from the Pairfect Pair yarn balls, too! Go for it!

  5. Everything looks great hanging out on the drying racks!

  6. That is a great goal for 2021. I love your sweaters on the gates!! Im sorry too about the allergies. Deb , I think of our fox as shy . We see them at dusk at times, sprinting through the property to the woods . We hear them screaming at night. But I find them fascinating. I've never seen one just hang around during the day. That would not be reassuring to me. We missed out tree lighting tonight, but we can get it on the local Facebook news site.

  7. Wow, I am very impressed with the sweaters and all you've knitted. You are very talented! I'm glad you decided to light up your home, I know that our lights in and out are cheering me immensely. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Great goal! I've never seen that yarn before. The finished socks are beautiful! Glad you were able to get out of the sweater before your breathing got too terrible. I have a lot of weird allergies but I'm so glad only a very few cause breathing issues.

  9. So sorry the dust cooties got to you but at least we get to see those beautiful knits again, even if they are wet. Stay safe.