Thursday, December 3, 2020



During lockdown I was very impressed with all the folks taking advantage of the time to make their Christmas cards. 

I went and ordered something I thought The Mister would have fun with since he is the card sender in the family. He always has a really long list. Me, not so much. I couldn't really interest him in all the little cut out pieces at the time so I did a few here and there over the past few months. 

On Monday he actually asked me if we could get started. These are pretty complicated cards to assemble so I told him that we need to do a few everyday and he agreed. I almost fell over. I usually have to drag him into the card room to help. Here's what he's done so far. Not bad. Now let's see if he sticks with it as I said before....he has a very long list. 


  1. They are such cute cards. I hope The Mister sticks to it because anyone he sends one to would be thrilled to get it.
    I didn't make my cards, they were store bought as always. But I did make all the Christmas presents except the people we gave $ to and a couple for Piper.

  2. That is a lot of little pieces! Thanks for reminding me I need to get my cards together!

  3. I love sending and receiving Christmas cards. It’s the only way I stay connected to some old friends and family members.

  4. Cute and clever cards! People will enjoy getting those!

  5. Aack! They are just so cute! The ones you made for me are going out in the mail today. I'm so happy to send them and so appreciative of you for making them for me. Once again, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!