Saturday, December 19, 2020

Mr. and Mrs. Wishy Washy


Ages ago we got a new washer and weeks later we got a new dryer. I got lots of questions about them and I never answered them because of all the stuffing that hit the fan. I was asked how I liked the impeller as opposed to a regular agitator. The answer is.....I love it. 

If I had loads of dirty kids clothes I might not like it but when you've got to wash a newly finished quilt it's perfect. It's nice and gentle. It swishes your clothes very slowly. The glass top lets you see what's going on at all times. I really like that. 

This is the lowest tech model that I could find and it still took some getting used to. It has a mind of its own-as does the dryer, and it will argue with you if you don't pick the right settings for the weight you just stuffed in it. My favorite part is the little song it plays when it's done. The matching dryer does it too and I find it strangely enchanting. 

The matching dryer took forever to get here. I had to go to another store to get it delivered. It was a headache. Then we didn't have the right exhaust tube thingy and that took another 2 weeks to get here. I also forgot to order the haul away service so the old dryer sat here in the way for another week until we could get the city to come pick it up. All these issues made us back off the kitchen remodel. I can't even imagine dealing with that level of DIY under these circumstances. 

Speaking of Mr and Mrs Wishy's the 2020 selfie in front of the city tree. The place has been like a ghost town since the numbers went sky high a few weeks ago. That's fine with us. It's nice having the boardwalk to ourselves. 


  1. I had a top load washer at the house before we sold it and I loved it. No agitator. It worked so well and also played that happy little song. Here in the RV we have front load washer and a front load dryer and they are nice sized. Not as big as at the house but I can get an entire set of queen size sheets washed and dried in one load! That's pretty good for an RV.
    Love the photo. It's so perfect for 2020.

  2. The washer and dryer look like a nice set. I like the glass top.

    We bought new when we moved in here. The one thing my washer doesn't have is a cycle where you can just rinse. The best you can do is a "short" cycle. But .... other than that small gripe, I really like my new set.

  3. Your photo is adorable!
    I think that's the type of machine my son just got - he's absolutely in love with it! If I'd known that was what was needed to get him interested in doing laundry when he still lived here I'd have bought one in a hot second!!

  4. We got a new (to us) dryer in the summer. Our old one was probably 20 years old... and this new one... I think it's more advanced than my truck! It too plays music... and Dave, being the musician he is, realized it's actually Schubert - Der Fischer!

  5. I spy your recently finished pimplesse.

  6. Is that really you behind the masks???

  7. I am so late reading blogs, Deb so sorry I was not able to wish you a happy birthday on time. Your soup looked delicious, better than take out I would say. Have a wonderful weekend, masks and all. Stay safe.

  8. My daughter loves her washer-and dryer--they look like yours! Glad it has a good ending to this saga! Love the selfie!