Monday, December 21, 2020

Bombs Away


I use a lot of bath bombs because our water softener is on the fritz. Without a bomb our water feels like battery acid. The town just sent us a survey asking if we'd like to be hooked up to the city water and we said YES. Now we have to wait to see if the majority of our neighbors agree. I'm not holding my breath. They have voted it down once already.

I made a big production out of making a batch and even got The Mister to help but apparently 2020 is still making mischief because this is what I got. They split. Most likely because I only had 70% alcohol on hand. I usually use 90% which keeps the liquid at a minimum but I can't get a bottle of it to save my life. It could have also been the baking soda. I think it spent the summer absorbing all the humidity. I should have pitched it and started fresh. 

The pressed ones did a little better but they still cracked. Oh, well...they still work and that's what counts. 

I did get a small batch of lip goo made without any drama. I like to keep one in the pocket of all my coats and jackets at this time of year. I can't use commercial chap stick. The SPF stuffs makes my lips burn and itch.

Getting any of this done was a real slog as my soap corner is all taken up by my stitching stuff at the moment. I have to store a lot of things from the living area in this little room and space is at a premium. I don't miss not having a real kitchen at all but I sure do miss my little soap corner. 


  1. Your house must always smell WONDERFUL with all those bath things and soap.

  2. I was just wondering if they would work if cracked when you answered my question. See, we bloggers can read each others minds! Now THAT is scary! Ha!
    The pressed ones are really pretty and look perfect to me.
    I can't imagine not having a working kitchen. You are being far more patient than I would be under the circumstances.
    My fingers, toes, hair and every thing else I can cross is crossed with hoping this new strain of that "C" thing isn't resistent to the vaccine. Just when there is hope on the horizon...
    We just have to hang in there. It will happen. It will Debbie.

  3. They may not be perfect, but they sure are pretty and if they work, that's all that matters.

  4. Oh, the cracks make me laugh because that is what my 'one piece' of wood did but the others did not! So it could be any number of factors but it doesn't affect the use of the soap bombs so there! They look very pretty!

  5. Humidity and the lack of it can create havoc with many projects and ingredients. The pressed flowers are pretty, but I’m sure all smell wonderful.

  6. You make pretty bombs!!!!!!! my mom's been all around me lately. She knows I needed her. How is daddy o- with corresponding?

    1. It's been my Mom that's been speaking to me this year. We passed the 18 year mark of losing her in November and my sisters and I all said that this year has been the hardest. All this alone time makes you lonely and who we are lonely for is her. She had a way of making everything seem like it would be okay and I could sure use some of that right now.

  7. I guess it's almost become inevitable for things like cracks in the bath bombs to happen - It would really be nice if you could be hooked up to city water for so many reasons. I admire your ability to do without a kitchen but I know you're adaptable which is a wonderful quality!

  8. I love bath bombs. There's a place here that makes HUGE ones, and as soon as I get them, I crack them into smaller pieces so I can get a couple baths out of each one!

  9. Your soaps are so amazing, and so are your cards! This would be a hard time to not have a kitchen to do Christmas baking. I've done more baking during this Covid thing than I've done in years. Sharing with neighbors to pass around the calories. ;>)

  10. I am a lip balm addict so those look wonderful;. Looks like you have been having a lot of fun. Stay safe.

  11. Fun projects! :) perfection is overrated.

  12. I can't imagine life without a kitchen. I don't like to cook but still.... I can't imagine going as long as you have without a kitchen.

    I think I might like cracked bath bombs. The water always seems to get cold before the big bomb melts. Maybe cracked ones would work better. The pressed ones are beautiful!

    Happy New Year!