Thursday, December 10, 2020

Ticking Off the Boxes

I never seem to get anything done but today I have two things to crow about. First, I have Pup's sweater. The whole time I was working on it my head kept telling me it was going to be way too big. 

Nope. It's not.  She may be be little but she's wide. Kind of like me. 

We also got the last of the cards made. We ended up doing 35 in all. Apparently The Mister has to send one to everyone he ever met. 

I was having too much fun to stop so I decided to dress up the envelopes too.

I used a couple of sheets of blank Avery address labels and my stamp set. 

I had to order some fine tip permanent markers to do the job. My regular alcohol markers won't take the elements too well. I found this big set on Amazon. I know it's the Christmas rush but I have to say Amazon is on top of it's game. If I even mention that I need something it's on my doorstep the next morning. I am starting to wonder if Alexa really is listening in. 


  1. Love Pup's new sweater. It fits great. I was just thinking that I need to start putting Chloe's on her. We're supposed to start getting snow again Friday and it's predicted through next Thursday. It is supposed to be in the 30's during the day so it shouldn't accumulate too much.
    The cards are so cute. You put so much work and effort into them. I sent 87 cards this year! I really need to cut back, the postage is getting ridiculous.
    Since we moved into the RV and with COVID, we've been ordering a LOT from Amazon too. We needed so many gadgets for the trailer to live permanently here. Gauges, hoses, insulations stuff, whoozits and whatzits galore! :-) Plus I don't like to go to the stores to pick things up anymore. And now I've found an Amazon delivery box system less than a block from the RV park. I used it yesterday for the first time and it's so easy. They text you that it's been delivered and give you a code. You just punch it in and the door opens automatically to the cubby your package is in. It's amazing. The only thing you touch is the keypad and then I used handsanitizer immediately. That's where we'll have all of our packages delivered from now on. So handy.
    Wow. I'm sorry for babbling on so long. I think all of this alone time is getting to me. Have a great Thursday Deb.

  2. Pup looks very stylish and festive in her sweater! May she wear it in good health.

    Love the crabs with Santa hats. :-)

  3. Friends and family will love receiving your homemade cards; such a nice project you did together. I think that dog sweater is too cute - love the colors! Great job!

  4. What a cute sweater for Pup - looks like it is a PERFECT fit!!!

  5. What an adorable sweater for an adorable dog! Your extra touches to the envelopes are so cute.

  6. Pup is so sweet!! That sweater looks so cozy! I love that you and your husband worked on the Christmas cards together - your efforts will mean so much to those who receive them!

  7. What a great sweater for Pup! It is really cute!:)

  8. I think Amazon has been incredible . Truly! I am so excited that zach may get the vaccine in Mexico before we do! Phew! He's the busiest one and he does mask etc, but because he lives alone, he does go out more. Hurry vaccine come because this Momma worries

  9. Lucky puppy! You always make the best cards!

  10. Nice job on the finished sweater for Pup; it is very pretty! The cards have a nice touch with the stickers, too!

  11. Pup looks great in her new sweater! I can't imagine making 35 (ahem... 38) of those cards! They are SO cute though.
    I've been amazed at everyone's shipping this year. I've even had packages from China that were supposed to take 45 days arrive in less than 7 and several other things from companies that I order from frequently that normally take 10+ days have arrived in only 2 or 3. I think it's the one benefit to Covid.