Saturday, December 12, 2020

It's Not Easy Knitting Green


These were suppose to be my festive holly jolly knit for the month of December but I can tell you that they have been a real PAIN. 

My first pair of Pairfects turned out well....pairfect but these have been anything but. I've ripped them completely back twice now because of that green cuff. The first time around it was too long. Like 4 inches long. I thought it would never end. Since my ribbing is so pitiful I really don't want to show it off anymore than I have to so it all went to the frog pond.  It took me a couple of tries to get it down to a decent length. I hope this time is the charm. 

They are Arne and Carlos socks by Regia and I've been knitting them at night while watching their daily Christmas knit along videos. They are knitting Christmas balls but since I don't have a tree I am using my socks instead. 

My goal was to knit everyone an Arne and Carlos Pairfect pair for next year's Christmas and so far I've managed to find this many different colorways. I've got one more ball on the way. Two are Pairfect Pairs and two are not but as much as I've struggled with my latest Pairfects I don't think it really matters anymore. 


  1. I decided that is what everyone is getting next Christmas too. A pair of socks. I'm at a loss as to what to get anyone anymore. Money seems too impersonal, but socks. Everyone needs socks!
    I think yours look great. I've never used pairfect but I have been watching Arne & Carlos. The dogs were hilarious today. Moose! Moose!

  2. Socks are a fun project to have on the needles. I just bought some Regia pairfect on eBay. Good selection. I’ve been enjoying my daily visits with Arne and Carlos. Wish we could travel .

  3. Nice job with the socks--so what that the cuff is so long in green....the color at the feet is fun!

  4. Your socks look good, sorry they were such a pain. I have heard good things about that sock yarn...I think I have some in my stash! :)

  5. That will be a fun project for the year to come!

  6. I wish I enjoyed knitting socks more. I knit so many back in the '90's I have to force myself to knit them now. And I really need some new ones because those 1990's socks are starting to wear thin.