Wednesday, July 11, 2012

TdF: Yet Another Update

Things have been going rather slowly here at TdF Central. I am still camped out in my little spinning nook every morning (men be damned) watching the race but not much is getting done since I opted for quality over quantity.  My poor hands have also began to suffer from all the wear and tear so I have begun to set limits on how long I can work on any single project.

Even if I gave up today I would still have a lot to show for my efforts. My spinning for the Sheep Heid is pretty much done. I have more than enough colors now but I can tell that the hat I turn out is going to be a disappointment. Unlike crisp Shetland, the wool the pattern was written for, Cormo is soft and bouncy. Lovely to wear, but it is not going to give me the distinct stitch definition needed for the details in this hat. It is also a little thicker yarn than I wanted but that's my punishment for rushing in order to keep up with the other spinners on Ravelry. I will go ahead with the project but I am pretty much resigned to failure.

My second finished skein of Corrie is a bit better than the first but it is still not anything to brag about. Of course I am beating myself up because I am looking at the most amazing projects everyday and comparing my work to what I see. I do have to remind myself that this did not start out as commercially prepared fiber.

It was a dirty, stinky bag of ugly until I washed, carded and dyed it so I need to cut myself some slack for my wonky looking yarn. You can't spin even and smooth from a bag of lumpy and bumpy. At least I can't.

 I swatched the first skein to see if I could make myself feel better and I actually did. It has plenty of character and it is itchy as hell, but it's mine from start to finish and that makes me happy-and a little bit proud.

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  1. I'm jealous of all those wheel in front of you! And lumpy and bumpy adds character and uniqueness.