Sunday, July 8, 2012

TDF Progress: Days 5 and 6

 Day 5: Was a fairly straightforward day. Sit and spin. Take pictures. Done. It is just more of the same. I am measuring my Russian Spindle progress by winding it only on the top so I can see how much I am getting done. It is working fairly well to keep me motivated.

Day 6: Today I had several complications. It started with that brown dye issue.

So far I have managed to achieve this much differentiation in color. Not bad, but for the pattern I need specific colors in specific places.

While sitting and spinning, I had a thought: maybe it is not the water or vinegar but the amount of dye that is causing this issue. I wound off some of my handspun white Cormo and gave it a dunk in the teeniest amount of dye I could pull out of the jar. It was just a dusting on the spoon.

 It worked! I managed to get the camel color I needed.

Here is the previous lightest brown I could manage and the newest lightest brown. Yay!

Day 6's spinning total looked only looked like this because I spent my time playing with dye instead.

Another nagging issue is the quality of my spinning. I was very disappointed in the lumpy bumpiness of the blue/green Corrie. It is supposed to be for socks and lumpy isn't good for socks. I never had trouble spinning any of the other Corrie for socks so what's up with that?

I must be slowly losing it because it all of a sudden it came to me: when Daddio and I were carding these locks he was stuffing handfuls of Party in a Bag mixed fiber into the carder. Duh. That's why there is so much weird variation in texture making all the lumps and bumps. I haven't lost my spinning mojo, I am just spinning something not designed to be smooth. Whew. What a relief.

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