Saturday, July 14, 2012

TdF: Spindles

 One of my TdF goals was to spin a bit each day on my seldom used Russian and Turkish spindles. With only a week and a day to go in the Tour, I can say that I have genuinely learned to like-no, love the Russian. If my poor aching hands would let me, I would spend all day playing with that weird looking pointy thing.

Strangely, I like mindlessly winding yarn and with this type of spindle it seems I get to wind on and off a lot. I recently had to wind it all off in preparation for starting a second bobbin for plying.

After spending forever winding it on the paper tube, I decided it would be better to have it on a real bobbin so I can ply it on the wheel. I hate plying on drop spindles, it's too hard on the shoulders. I decided to let the wheel wind it on the bobbin and I can say that watching that bobbin fill up with all the pretty singles was the most fun I had so far in this year's Tour.

 Now about that Turkish spindle...well, I have put some mileage on it but I just don't love it. Tying the singles on and off every time you need to wrap is just too darn fiddly for me.

I will ply what I have on here by Paris-but I won't be liking it.

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