Monday, July 9, 2012

Double Weave Dilemma

I was having too much fun working on this sample using two heddles and two pick up sticks.

I felt like a real weaver making and using all these different little sheds.

 When I ran out of warp, I was sad when I had to cut it off the loom.

The big reveal was as I expected. Lots of boo boos ( it was just a sample) and a seam that left me disappointed once again. It's not terrible, but I can see it. I don't want to see it. It defeats the purpose of the whole double weave thing.

The seam was better at the end of  the sample than at the beginning so there may be hope yet.

There were also some unexplained issues that are particularly worrisome because I don't know how they happened. I missed some warp threads completely right in the middle seam here and there. That's bad.

 I am going to sew up the ends and then throw the whole thing in the wash machine to see if a blocking helps with that seam. I may still try this again with some more forgiving yarn. A fuzzy weft hides lots of problems.

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