Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TdF: Nearing the Finish

Four days to go and so much left to do. I still have lots of singles to ply and there are whole projects that never even got started. Three weeks seems like a long time and than you blink and it's over.

One project that I just began started with an old project. In June, I had carded 100g of Corrie for the Tour but after looking at it, I decided that I was over the pink/purple colorway. I have just finished socks and had just spun yet another skein out of Daddio's favorite very berry combination. I needed a change.

 I dug through the stash and found some things that I thought would work for blending with the Corrie.

Adding some Tencel and Merino lightened not only the color but the texture.

The little batts were like fluffy clouds. I usually only card the fleeces I wash so carding commercially prepared fiber was a real treat.

Even though I used up all of the the berry colored wool, there was only a hint of pink left.

I did go a little crazy adding so many different colors but I am sure I can make room for another skein of rainbow colored yarn.
Next year I'm warming up with the Giro d'Italia which starts in May. Maybe that way I can finish what I start.

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