Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I've Got Mail!

Now that I am one of the retired poor, I don't get as many packages of goodies as I once did. Last week I got several. Since it has been too hot to go out anywhere, I have managed to have a few dollars extra hanging around in the checkbook and I knew just where to put it.

First, I needed "boy" yarn. I'm not saying why, but there is a possibility that I may be needing some little blue things in a few months. I see a hat, some booties and a cute little vest.

I also needed some "boy" material.

Connecting Threads had this robot/computer collection that I loved. It was selling out fast so even though I did not have a specific project in mind, I had to have some.

 I also ordered some of their clearance material in hopes of making myself a summer dress....

...or two.

Then there was the matter of having 16 inch quilt blocks to square up and no 16 inch square to do it with. Ben Franklin had one for a decent price so I have one now. I know you can do this without the specific sized square but I am not that smart. I'd rather be safe than sorry. I've been working hard on these blocks for two years and I don't want to ruin them now.

I also ordered yards and yards of clearance material that I am going to use for sashing for this quilt. I can't believe that I made 12-16 inch blocks and had bought only 1/2 yard of blue material for the sashes and borders. I could kick myself because I am not fond of the yellow but it was all that Connecting Threads had left in this particular collection and I am obsessive about sticking to the collection once I get started.
My mail lady must be hating me right now, but I am in heaven. Nothing makes me happier than finding a package in the mailbox!


  1. Look at Baby Surprise Jacket on Ravelry. I have made a number of them and they are wonderful!

  2. "The retired poor"! I identify with that one!! Enjoy your purchases, they are a reward for being retired!!

  3. oh so excited but I can't say why!!!