Monday, July 30, 2012

Rookie Mistake

I spent 6 hours yesterday looking at this and trying to figure out how to make 168 out of 110 stitches. Logic would tell you that you need to make a lot more stitches but no matter how hard I tried I was always missing about 20.

It couldn't be my fault. It was probably a pattern error but a quick search didn't turn up a single errata or complaint. It must be me. I drew out the directions on paper making lots of little stitches and could finally see that K2 M1 really means  K KM1 Not K K KM1. I was knitting in the front and back of the third stitch thinking I needed 2 whole stitches in between.  As soon as I realized this everything went along just fine.

I put it away for the night and finished Chart A during the women's bike race the next morning. It is turning out as rough and rustic as I suspected but I like the authentic sheepiness of it. Knitting with Cormo is my idea of heaven so no matter how this thing looks, I am going to love it.

Oh...and I've been totally crazy tweeting my displeasure with the canned version of the Olympics that NBC has once again forced us to make do with. If you follow me on Twitter, I apologize. #nbcfail

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