Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Dress in a Day

Last weekend we had a "green" snowstorm. That's what I call it when it is too blessed hot to go out. There might as well be 10 feet of the snow on the ground. I'm not going anywhere.

How did I fill my time? Learning how to make bias tape, that's how.

That sounds pretty crazy, but when I was going over the pattern for one of the dresses I was going to make, I noticed that I needed some and it was too hot out to go out and get some. How hard could it be? You cut bias strips, sew them together and then fold and iron them into the center.

All the online tutorials had you using a handy dandy little gadget to do this but if it was too hot to go out and buy the bias tape it was too hot to go out and buy one of those things.

 This brilliant blogger showed you how to make your own gadget out of a pin stuck in an iron board.

I could have sat there making bias tape all day. It was really fun.

It was so much fun, I wanted to use it right away but I had to put the little dress together first. It was a very simple pattern and in just a few hours it was done-pockets and all.

The only problem is that my little dress turned out to be HUGE. It also looks just like a nightgown. I really like this pattern, so I'll give it another try with some different material in a much smaller size. That oughta do it.


  1. I love that little dress. I would wear it as a night gown! For sure. My mom taught me to make bias tape for quilting borders... just by making it much wider.

  2. Araignee, I'm amazed by anyone who can sew, crochet, knit, etc. I'm all fingers! Your work is beautiful.

    Thank you so much for the kind post you left on my dad's Father's Day post. On Aug. 6th it will be one year since we lost dad and it's still hard to believe. I totally understand how challenging certain days (minutes, hours) can be. I think we have all been there.

    I couldn't find an email for you or I'd have written you privately. I'd love to send a little something to you in the mail if you want to send me your address. You can email me at I hope you have a wonderful day today, and I am JUST like you - I will not venture out when it gets too hot, humid, or muggy, and that is just what we're headed for after about a week of decent weather here in New England!

    All my best to you,