Thursday, July 19, 2012

Something Done

I finally finished something out of that monster bag of raw Corriedale fleece I bought at the MDSW in 2011. Daddio and I carded this wool from the solar dyed locks way back in March and I had spun it in April but they lived in my bag forever waiting to become socks. It's just been too hot for serious wool.

Well....this is the first time I can actually see what happens to all that pretty fiber once it is knit and it is certainly a lot crazier looking than I expected. My lock dyeing assembly line approach needs tweaking but since it's all been fun, I am going to consider this year long adventure a win. They are rough and rustic but they will be warm come winter-unless. of course, we just skip it again this year. I hope not. Living in a greenhouse was only fun in January.

The first sock of pair number two is already on the needles. I am using the magic loop again but this time I am only knitting one at a time. Stopping to unwind the tangles all the time is just plain annoying not to mention awkward when knitting in public.

I also finished plying another 100 grams for even more socks so when my knitting mojo comes back, I'll be ready.


  1. A little trick to knitting two-at-a-time socks is to put both balls into a small bag that is open at the top. As you get to the end and need to turn, just lift up the bag and turn it in the direction you are going and there should be no tangles! Hope this makes sense. If not, let me know and I'll make a video for you.

  2. My problem is that I always try to work from the inside and outside of a single ball. I'm NOT doing that again. Your idea is great because I really do prefer doing them 2 at a time. I knew someone would know how to solve the problem. Thanks for sharing!

  3. hya, still not attempted socks in spite of all the encouragement from Wikkidknitter! maybe one day.... :-)

  4. Oh my! I have never tried to do that. Tried to do it plying my handspun and it turned out a nightmare. Let me know how the bag solution works out for you.