Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday


I only managed to get one little yellow pair of overalls and a little star finished on the birth sampler this week. I had other fish to fry.

Instead of stitching I got the bug to sort and cut up that big bin of material I had just inherited. 

Dad's lady friend's Daughter asked me to incorporate this piece of material into whatever quilt design I decided to make for her. Her mother had made her a dress out of it years ago. The motifs are really big for a quilt but I had an idea.

I fussy cut the small butterflies and some other small motifs I found on different material that otherwise wouldn't be suitable.

Dad's lady friend was not a quilter so most of the material was used for clothing or home decor. It was hard to find a pattern that was going to look right with such randomness going on. I watched scrappy quilt You Tube videos all night.  I decided on a simple postage stamp block to let the material speak for itself as it is very vintage and rather fragile. I am still determined to use just what's in the bin so it's going to be interesting. 


  1. That square with the big kitty face is awesome. It is going to be like an I-Spy quilt.

  2. That will be so fun and so meaningful for her.

  3. How nice of you to make her a quilt with her mother's fabric. It will be so special to her and she will remember her Mom each time she sees it.

  4. The fussy cuts are fun! It will be a great memory quilt.

  5. Thank goodness for a11 the videos we can watch!
    Your work is going to be very important to her. Cats, cats and more cats..yes

  6. Very clever! I think you have hit on a great idea!