Friday, August 6, 2021

Friday Fiber


I finished spinning the Olympic fiber. I'll start plying it today. 

Most mornings I try to spin a bit while I watch some Olympic coverage. I am almost finished with the cotton and added another wind off to that red collection bobbin. 

My new rule is that handspun has to be used or tossed so I started a pair of Align Mitts with the green BFL/Silk from the TdF. It's another simple pattern that shows off wonky handspun pretty well. I'm not sure what I am going to do after the Olympics are over. I went from Euro Cup to TdF and then to the Olympics. It's been a great summer for sitting and knitting. 


  1. You will find any good excuse to keep up your spinning and knitting! The new yarn looks great in the ribbing!

  2. Football season starts on Thursday .........plenty of games to work on your spinning! Then there is the World Series coming up. Hockey starts soon after that. :::wink:::

  3. Deb, I agree with you. Great Sit and Knit summer.