Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Wednesday WIPs

I've got the big blue man socks finished and have cast on another pair. This is Stroll in the Walrus colorway.

The mitts haven't gotten too much bigger I am sorry to say.

Neither has the hat. 

Dogstar came along to be cast on during the house sitting adventure but it's still in the basket. It's gotten too hot to think about knitting right now. This week has been a brutal one after last week's respite and wool is just not doing it for me. 


  1. Your projects are all so pretty (love the Walrus color and name - LOL), but you are right - it feels brutal out there and knitting with wool isn't all that comfortable (even if it is just a sock). Hopefully this heat wave won't last too long!

  2. The newest socks are a very cool color! it is hard to keep motivated with the heat--your body is in rest mode while you are house-sitting!

  3. I've got so much I want to do (mostly outside) but the heat is unbearable. I lasted about 20 minutes yesterday and was literally soaked by the time I came in. It's supposed to last until next week - blah!

  4. Yeah for finishing a pair of mens socks! :)

  5. I do not knit many man socks. They are so boring because they are not pink and they take forever!
    The heat index here was 105 yesterday. This is Wisconsin!!!!

  6. I actually cool off in the shower when it gets this overbearing. We need more rain here. We did get under 2 inches this week, however. Chance of more tonight. Then it cools off for about a minute