Sunday, August 15, 2021

The End is Nigh


Out of the blue yesterday the crafting muses started whispering in my ear again. For most of the summer I've been dragging myself from project to project with no real love in my heart but yesterday.....yesterday felt almost like old times. After dinner I even managed to piece another block of the Sunflower quilt.

This makes block number 16. I have only four more to go. I've been working on this for three summers now and it would be nice to see the end of it before fall.

To hasten the end I laid out the last remaining pieces-or tried to. I have no idea what I did but I didn't come out with the right amount of pieces to finish up the last row. 

I had to sub in some material because I am starting to wonder if I am going to have enough leftovers for that pretty striped border. Now I've got them all sorted and ready to roll. I just need those muses to whisper in my ear again. Today my big plans are to binge watch The White Lotus and make a serious dent in my spot on the couch. 


  1. I need to get busy on a new crochet sweater, I put the knitting needles down for a bit but now wish I had just jumped into another sweater, I am not feeling the crochet love right now.

  2. I love that pattern. I'm going to have to do one soon!

  3. That quilt is beautiful! Enjoy your couch and listen for the whispers! Happy new week. V.

  4. It's a beautiful quilt and nice to see you are working on it again!

  5. Oh I am happy you got your mojo back. And a dent in the couch is often the best reminder of a great day.

  6. The quilt is gorgeous. I'm glad you're feeling much more like yourself and have the desire to quilt again. It's going to be so pretty.