Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday: Starting Over


I used to feel bad about having so many stitching projects on the go. Then I started watching Floss Tube and realized I was a rookie compared to some folk who have boxes and boxes of half stitched things so I didn't feel guilty at all about buying this bookmark kit after I botched up the one I had started a few weeks ago. It's from a company in Scotland and they have so many pretty ones it was hard to choose. I haven't started it yet because there is something more pressing to get done.......

It's another baby birth record project because sometime in January we should be welcoming another baby boy into the family. 

For a relatively simple design there is a lot of floss meaning that it's one of those fiddly projects with lots of color changes. I am not a fan but I have to admit the finished results look really cute. It's also a beaded project but I'm skipping those. 

I was a little worried it may be a bit too babyish. The other ones I have stitched have more of a toddler feel to them but I couldn't resist this one. I may be running out of opportunities with this baby thing so I thought I would indulge myself this time around. Now that I have the tree mostly done it's like a baby advent calendar. I add one thing to it a day. 


  1. That is such a sweet baby pattern. It's so different from the overly sweet things you usually see.

    Congrats on the upcoming family member and have fun with all those bits and pieces. That should keep it interesting.

  2. Cute bookmark, but I LOVE the baby birth sampler, that is so, so pretty. And adding one thing a day sounds very doable!

  3. Congrats on another addition to the family!

    That's a cute sampler, and I think it should work fine for the little one.

  4. Oh,this is going to be a stunning birth record cross stitch--and Congratulations! What a wonderful event to look forward to! The bookmark will b a fun one to do on off days!

  5. Congratulations!! I think it is a perfect birth sampler! Have fun!

  6. That is cute! Congrats on the new-coming addition