Thursday, August 5, 2021

All or Nothing


That's how days are around here. I either have nothing to do or too much to do. Yesterday it was too much. We found ourselves walking Pup at the park across town early yesterday. They are constructing a really cool new playground and it's been fun watching it come together.

We made the trip because we had groceries to pick up. I got another inch on the man sock behind me on the ride over. 

Even though The Mister has been picking up dinner things at the local mom and pop market I still need to stock up on things that are cheaper in the big chain stores. It was a big order.

Back at home it all had to be washed and sorted. Yes, I still do that. I can't bring myself to put unwashed things in my fridge. Just. Can't. I find things stay fresher if you take some time and clean them and put them in a good container. My new reusable plastics are getting their first trial run. 

Then I filled two crockpots with the old vegetables and aromatics that we had left from the last grocery run. It will be soup and bread for two nights which means no cooking. Yippee. 

At this point I would have loved to have plopped on the couch and call it a day but Pup had managed to walk through every muddy patch at the park so it was bath time for her. Hopefully today will be a quiet one. The Mister's been itching to go try out that new golf club and I'm all for it. Some alone time would be most welcome. 


  1. Alone time is ALWAYS welcome around here. Sadly, it has been in short supply.

    Hope you get a peaceful and quiet day today.

  2. Nothing like a nap after a busy day!

  3. I've been dying to put something simple in the crock pot, but I keep forgetting - and by the I remember, it's way too late.
    We've been eating a lot of boxed macaroni because by the time dinner rolls around, we are both too whomped. And this town is the middle of nowhere- there's no take out!

  4. Pup has the right idea! Catching a nap or just resting is a great way to spend an afternoon. I wish the store around here used paper sacks. I’m so tired of plastic bags.

  5. I am like you...just bags of carrots go into our fridge without washing...I disinfect the plastic bag! It is lots of work...I still disinfect everything. I don't feel good about giving that up...I have the time;)

  6. Pup knows how to take it easy. Soup sounds good.

  7. A good grocery run is the best when you feel all stocked up. Enjoy your knitting.