Thursday, August 12, 2021

Be Careful What You Wish For


Trying to keep the newly planted landscaping hydrated has felt like a losing battle in this brutal heat and baking sun so I had been hoping for rain. What we got were thunderstorms of epic proportions. On Tuesday night the wind lifted up the patio table and tossed it over shattering the glass everywhere. The beautiful yard was a debris field of branches and leaves. I have never seen it rain so hard. It was terrifying while it lasted. 

Of course the power went out. I had to call Son to locate a lantern so I could inspect for inside damage. It rained so hard the foyer was a puddle as the heavy sheets of water pushed into every crack around the door. I thought it was going to push the house over. 

No lights meant no AC but thankfully there was a cool breeze. The porch was soaked so I opened a window in the family room and knit a bit while listening to sirens until the power came back on which thankfully was before it became pitch black. 

Last night we had another round of storms and this tree obviously couldn't handle it and put one big branch in the front yard and put another one upside the house blocking the side yard. I was upstairs when it came down and the commotion nearly scared me to death. Luckily the house and newly planted shrubs are just fine. It's just yet another big mess to clean up for the poor vacationers who are due home today. I tried to leave the house the way I found it-but Mother Nature wasn't seeing it my way.



  1. Yikes!! You really had some strong storms. We never got more than a quarter to a third of an inch of rain...some strong winds, but nothing like that. Glad you are safe!

  2. Those storms sound terrifying! I can hardy imagine wind so strong it turned over a patio table! And the idea of water coming in around the door is really frightening.
    I am glad the electricity wasn't out for too long. I always dread having to empty the freezer and refrigerator.
    I hope that's the last strong storm you get this year!

  3. Oh my that was scary. Those glass top tables make such a mess when they shatter...glad you are okay!

  4. Oh no! We had some thunderstorms roll through, but nothing like that! Yikes!

  5. Whoa! Certainly glad no major damage was done and that you were safe.

  6. Wow! Glad you and the house survived. I can't imagine being in the direct path of the storm we had last night. We were on the outskirts of it but by 6 pm it was pitch black outside and that weird deathly stillness just before a major storm hits. Thankfully the storm was off in the distance and we only got distant thunder and some heavy rain.
    Glad you're okay and were able to get a little knitting done. I love storm knitting. :)

  7. Yikes! Sorry for all the damage.

    We had those storms too. Last night's storm must have ripped up some shingles on the office roof. We had leaking in the ceiling last night.

    I'm guessing a new roof is in our future for that area of the house. :-(

    Jeezy Pete's always SOMETHING!

  8. The usual just house sitting surely became an eventful , noisy affair. Glad all is okay really.

  9. Oh, what a final day you got to enjoy! Yuck!
    I'm glad the damage was minimal to the house and YOU! You never know what you are agreeing to when you house-sit!

  10. Oh my what a big mess. A storm is bad enough in your own hour=se but seems scarier in someone else's. Hope the travelers were not too upset when they got back.