Monday, August 23, 2021

Hot Stuff


Son and DIL invited us over for dinner so they could give me some things they brought back from their Michigan trip. Cherry things. Lots and lots. You know I am going to be making some dried cherry scones this week. 

The real surprise was this. It's their new toy. 

Son had spent the week perfecting his pizza making skills. 

He had a regular assembly line going. 

That fancy pizza oven heats to 700 degrees and in minutes....and I mean minutes we had the most amazing pizza I've ever had and I am a real pizza snob. I grew up with an Italian Auntie and I know what real pizza is and this is it. It is all about the crust. I am going to dream about this pizza it was so good. 

Not to be outdone DIL was finishing up some cookies she made for a friend's baby shower. Have you ever? They are just so darn cute. Between the two of them they could set up shop. I'd be the first in line for a pizza and a cookie. 


  1. Those cookies are almost too pretty to eat.

    Almost. LOL

  2. Wow! those cookies are gorgeous. And the pizza - looks amazing. I'll be coming over once you get those scones made:)

  3. What a cool pizza oven--I've never seen such a thing! I would love it! And the cookies are beyond amazing! So nice you got to visit!

  4. The scones sound great, but that pizza! It looks delicious. Alex opened a pizza restaurant in Japan and it's pretty popular. He worked for months perfecting his dough before teaching the workers to make it.
    Those cookies are works of art. Your DIL should definitely set up shop. She could make a bundle.

  5. That oven looks like great fun! Those cookies are so cute...just perfect!!

  6. Pizza looks SO good. The cookies look like art. Cherry scones. Yes, yes!

  7. Whoa, the pizza and cookies look fantastic!

  8. Oh that pizza looks delicious! And those cookies!!! She is a real artist!

  9. Wow, those two are talented!
    I can't believe the detail on those cookies. It's almost a shame to eat them.
    Apparently pizza ovens are a thing. My brother got one for X-mas and has become a master. Sadly, he lives closer to you (Williamsburg, VA) than to me!

  10. Those cookies….the pizzas! ♥️ Delightful kids! V