Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Tiny Needle New Stuff


It all started with this. I haven't worked on it in ages and when I did I remembered how nice it was to stitch on a lap frame. 

I was tired of juggling my scroll frame on my knee when I was working on the latest birth sampler so I bought another lap frame. That makes three that I have in action at the moment. Crazy, I know. 

I've got the nautical sampler downstairs on one, this one upstairs on another one and now.....

....the birth sampler on this new one. I know I could have just subbed out one project for another but that's a real pain and I hate doing it.

And then there was this. I was really struggling with the bookmark. I just can't stitch comfortably without a frame since I like to use both hands. Now I've got it on a Q Snap attached to my old floor stand. I've got a house full of stands. It's crazy. 

AND........if it seems like I am ignoring some of you in your comments-I'm not. It seems Blogger keeps deleting some of my comments as soon as I hit publish. I usually get a message saying "will be visible after approval" or something like that but now.....NOTHING. I look at your comment section later and nothing is showing up. Grrrr.......sorry. Blogger does stuff like this to me from time to time so I hope it is just another short lived glitch. Just know I AM reading you. Every day.


  1. Just three projects on the go ? I've recently been watching floss tube and some of them have 50 or so projects on the go, some even more !! All looking good x I have a couple that I'm working on between spinning and knitting but my brain keeps saying make some lace haha :-)

  2. I had that same problem with Blogger awhile back. Frustrating!

  3. There are several blogs I can't comment on for the same reason. So frustrating.
    Love your frames. I had two but gave one to my friend in Spokane who loves to cross stitch. I love it but sometimes it feels so big to us.

  4. Having the right tools makes a big difference. I’ve never used a lap frame for embroidery. Years ago, I used one for needlepoint.

  5. Nothing wrong with having more tools if you're using them all!

  6. I like lap frames for stitch work--nice purchase. Now you have easy access to whatever one you feel like working on! Blogger does pick and choose who to pick on in the comments! Sorry. Yours are showing up in my comments!

  7. I think you are amazing. Any tiny Tuesday stitcher is fun to fo11ow. They seem to take so long to make. When I find them in antique shops I want them a11, just for the effort someone put into them.

  8. When you find something that works why not use them!!