Saturday, August 28, 2021

Finally a Finish


The mitts are done-again. Even though it wasn't a sit and knit kind of week I did get something accomplished. Once I could concentrate and visualize what I was supposed to be doing fixing my mistake was easy peasy. 

I didn't end up frogging the Dog Star sleeves. I thought I would work past the ribbing and see what happened and I think it's going to be alright size-wise. The way babies are popping out around here it should fit someone someday.

The hat got re-started. Hats are nice mindless knitting so it was my go to project. 

Speaking of mindless, look at this plain vanilla man sock. That yarn is GORGEOUS. It's Knit Pick's Stroll in Walrus and I am in love with this colorway. I need to get some of this for myself. 


  1. Yay!!!! You did it! the mitts look great. You will be wearing them as soon as this heat wave let's go! That new colorway is drop-dead gorgeous!

  2. I love those mitts. I was planning on making fingerless mitts for the girls for Christmas... I may just have to try that pattern.
    You're right - Walrus is stunning! Knit Picks has some great colours.

  3. Excellent finish, love the mitts, socks and hat. Have fun.

  4. At least you are getting a lot of knitting done while you wait for the cabinets to show up!

  5. Nice socks! You have been busy waiting for those cabinets!