Friday, August 27, 2021

Those That Serve


I cropped this photo from a kindergarten class picture of Daughter's that I used in a post on her wedding blog. That's the groom to be behind her. They first met at the pre-school they both attended at Gallaudet University where his mother and I worked once upon a time. It was love at first sight apparently. They got into trouble for kissing at nap time. 

Twenty years later they reconnected via Facebook when she was graduating from college and he was returning home after serving in the Middle East with the Marines. I've never had a son that served but I think often of SIL's mother and what she must have endured for all those years he was away and in harm's way. She got her boy home safe and sound when so many do not. 2,372 did not come back from Iraq and 4,418 did not come home from Afghanistan. 55,220 did not come home from Viet Nam and we lost 407,316 in WW2. I have no idea why I needed to look up all those casualty reports last night but I did. Our guy that came home is moving into a new house this coming week and has a son of his own on the way. On days like yesterday I think about that. A lot. 


  1. I am so glad your soldier made it home safe and sound. The soldier in our family did too after serving in Desert Storm.

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  2. The figures are staggering. The kissing at nap time is hysterical!!!

  3. What a cute story of your daughter and her intended! Sweet.
    Yes, it was a staggering year for me when my son was stationed in Saudi...
    I feel for the 13 mothers of our servicemen today and the pain they are experiencing. And the others stranded in hostile territory!

  4. So glad he made it home safely, but I am sure with lots to process from all he saw. My Dad never got over WWII, he had nightmares from it to the end of his life. I think of the families of those lost yesterday, and I think of all those who have been lost before, injured or just who will never be the same. I am so grateful for all they have done but know I don't want to risk more lost lives to a war that will never end. Stay safe.

  5. Kissing at nap time!! That is a great beginning.
    Those numbers are awful, we are a better nation than the numbers.
    I am thankful for all who serve...just wish we took better care of them abroad and at home:(

  6. God Bless our troops - past and present!

  7. of course you do. How specia1 he is!
    Your daughter was kissing in kindergarten! hahahaha