Wednesday, September 1, 2021



I don't think I've ever been happier to flip the calendar over. It's been one hot, miserable summer and I can't wait to see the end of it. We've got so much to do in the kitchen and the humidity is making it harder than it has to be. Right now we are just unpacking the cabinets and making sure we have everything we need to put them up. It's a start.

On Monday we helped Daughter move her four kitties into her big new house from her teeny tiny temporary apartment. They were pretty terrorized. We kept them in the laundry room with their familiar things while the movers did their thing. 

She texted me this photo the next morning. They seem to be adjusting to their new digs just fine. 

The only crafty thing I've had going on this week besides the memory quilt is the poor hat that is off to the frog pond again. I was running out of yarn and realized once again it was way too wide. This time I got out a hat with a similar gauge and counted the stitches. I had 94. I needed only 84. Big difference. Hopefully I'll get enough yarn out of the re-adjustment to make it to the top this time. Fingers crossed. I really don't want to dye and spin anymore of this right now. 


  1. How exciting to have finally gotten the cabinets and begin the install process. Even if it is just unpacking. Progress is being made.
    I'm glad your daughters move is complete and the cats are settling in well. That's always a step in the right direction.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Hopefully Sept will bring us some cooler, drier weather. It sure isn't starting out that way.

  3. I'm another one happy to turn the calendar page. It is raining here today, but gentle and I'm kind of enjoying it. Glad your cabinets are there and that daughter's move is over. I like the picture of the cats looking out the window.

  4. The kitties look happy! Some projects are just better off as a ball of yarn! Sure hope all the parts are there for your project!

  5. I have been watching for your kitchen cabinets to arrive and am glad to hear that you may have them and that installation should begin soon. Can't wait to see it all back together! Good luck!

  6. Those poor kitties! They do look happier in that window now. If they are anything like mine, they will adjust just fine. Burton and Rupert were ripping through the house this morning chasing each other - they love having three times the space.

  7. May this week be cooler and less humid and may all the needed hardware be in the cabinet boxes.

  8. I do the hats at 84 with handspun so I can understand needing to reduce the stitches.
    I'm glad the move went well--the kitty pic is so cute!