Monday, September 6, 2021

It Takes a Village


I'm sorry but there is still more kitchen drama to discuss. Last night it was this that kept me awake in worry mode. 

I can't use the pandemic as an excuse for this blunder. This is all on me. In January of 2020 I bought all this laminate flooring for the kitchen. We went to the store and looked at samples and bought one that I really liked working off my dream Ikea kitchen photo without thinking of where I was actually going to put it.  I never thought to bounce my ideas off anyone else before I put my money down. I should have. 

When Daughter and SIL were here to hang the cabinets they asked to see what we had bought and they were both horrified that I would have even thought to put two different color woods side by side right down the middle of my living/dining/kitchen space. Apparently I didn't think and now I have to agree with them. It would be awful. That's our newly finished oak hardwood in the living room. We had tile in the dining/kitchen area and the difference looked planned-not stupid. So now on top of everything else I've got to find a new floor. 
Dare I say it again? 
It's always something. 

For those of you who have been wondering how I've been surviving the DIY blues. Here's my secret. I treated myself to the Calm app. It's not cheap but I've got my money's worth out of it just this week alone. 


  1. Will you be able to return the unused laminate? I would think that if it's still stocked they would take it back considering everyone knows how long it's taking to get things due to the pandemic.
    We're still waiting for our tub and shower surround ordered awhile ago. The vanities and tops for both bathrooms are hanging out in the garage until the tub arrives. It has to go in first. Hopefully the contractor will be available then. He's running behind too. Go figure. I'm not keeping my fingers crossed for the bathroom to be done by the time Alex and his bride come for Thanksgiving. IF they even can, depending on the C---d situation. I'm not even going to type that name tonight. I'm so sick and tired of it.
    Blessings and a hug to keep you going tomorrow. :-)

  2. I have two wood floors that touch. Darker in the family room and lighter in the kitchen. I used a finishing piece between the two and it works. It helps to define the different areas. It looks good. Good luck.

  3. I'm sorry. Sometimes you have to have a change of plan. You could do a row of transitional tiles between the two colors or just buy some more flooring...can you still get the livingroom color?

  4. I think you can make that floor work. There are lots of photos showing similar set ups if you check on line. I saw this and I thought it looked nice...
    Good luck!

  5. I agree with the above comment. You can keep it! there are options. Don't despair my dear friend