Wednesday, September 29, 2021



Surprise, surprise. Yesterday the counter people found someone healthy enough to come out and measure my counter space. While he was upstairs with The Mister,  Pup and I were hiding in the downstairs craft room. 

I was on a roll with my scribble scrabble doodle stuff and some new stencils but I don't get down there very often anymore because now it's just another room full of stuff that shouldn't be there and it's depressing me. My workspace was a mess with old unfinished projects so all this had to be put away because...........

..........look what I got! It's the stamp sets for Daughter's shower invitations AND this year's Christmas card stamps. Nothing makes me happier than a new stamp set and I have FOUR new ones to play with! That's worth cleaning the room up for. 

Since I like The Mister to help with the Christmas cards every year I try to pick something I think he would be interested in. Last year it was crabs and this year it's cars-Little Christmas critters in cars going through the mountains. Looks like fun to me. 

Daughter wanted hot air balloons on her invitations so this set was perfect. 

Pup and I spent the day making balloons and playing with every layout imaginable. I haven't come up with the "one" yet but I'm getting closer. 


  1. YaY! More forward progress on the kitchen. That's great news. We went out to buy a freezer for our utility room. We've decided that if the shortages that are being talked about happen, we need more frozen food than what the refrigerator can hold. Tomorrow the plan is to do Mom's grocery shopping early in the morning and then make an Aldi and Costco run for us afterward.
    Those stamps are so cool. I wish I were talented with paper like you are, but I am not. I have no imagination to speak of at all. That's why I knit, crochet and cross stitch. There are patterns to follow or it's wrong most of the time. :-)
    Have a great Wednesday my friend.

  2. Hooray for another step forward in the kitchen!
    The 'playing' in the craft room looks like a great time! The new stamp sets look like a lot of fun. Are you going to be doing Inktober?

  3. I love to color too! I have purchased birthday cards to color and people always enjoy getting them! It is a nice way to fill the time while watching TV in the evening.

  4. That last card is awfully cute! Maybe THAT is THE ONE!

    Critters in Cars? Yes, please.

  5. Looks like you have some fun projects ahead! Happy stamping.

  6. Hot-air Balloons will be fabulous shower decorations and invitations.