Friday, September 24, 2021

Cats and Dogs


That's what it was raining yesterday. Cats and dogs. What a mess but it was nice to wake up to a thunderstorm.  After a soggy morning grocery pick up I had the rest of the day to sit and knit. No kitchen work was even attempted. It was an entire day off. I made some serious progress on the Woodsie twins and I can almost breathe a sigh of relief-almost. 

I ordered some black Brava acrylic to line the Olympic hat with and got the provisional cast on pulled off and the lining started. 

I got another few rows on Dogstar and dug some old Chroma out of the orphan box that might work for the yoke.

Festive Doodle's sleeve is inching along. A few more of these lovely days off and I just might get it done this year.


  1. Beautiful knitting. We had very heavy rain yesterday too and plenty of thunder and lightening. Now it is much cooler and it feels GREAT!

  2. Oh, what a perfectly timed stormy/rainy day for you! It's just what you needed. The new Chroma will work--it looks nice. The Festive Doodle is so pretty! After all of the heat and humidity, it is funny to think of wearing it any time soon!

  3. If there's one thing I learned with this house - you definitely need to take a day or two off now and again!
    And knitting is just what the doctor ordered! Love the woodsey twins!

  4. You sure got a lot done in your kitchen day off. We've had wonderful cool weather for about a week now but 90's are on the way back starting Saturday. I've been loving the windows open but not much stitching has been happening with watching a puppy all of the time.

  5. Happy for your progress. I think that Chroma is awesome and you got more!!

  6. The Chroma looks very nice with the grey.