Sunday, September 5, 2021

All Hung Up


Yesterday was wall cabinet day. The Mister and I can handle the base cabinets on our own but it was good to have another pair of hands for the ones that have to be hung.  

You would have thought that all that work would have made a dent in the mess we live in but apparently not. In fact it got worse. Until the dishwasher, exhaust thingy, counter and sink make an appearance I'm afraid it's going to still be chaos. 

Then there is this. After the initial check in we thought all the now discontinued cabinets were okay. We haven't installed those big pantry cabinets yet because we need the base cabinets in first but we wanted to get them out of their ginormous boxes and over to where they needed to be while we had help. The initial inspection was only on the outside since we couldn't get the doors open inside the boxes. I had to crawl in with a flashlight just to check the outside. This is what the inside of one of the doors looks like. It's crushed in. It doesn't show on the outside but the inside is a mess and it's the kind of thing that is just going to get worse with age as it chips off. That is a $900 cabinet so you know The Mister's going to be making some phone calls come Monday morning. 


  1. Oh dear! I hope you can get that straightened out!

  2. It may still be chaos but progress is being made. I love what I can see of your cabinets! Good luck with the damaged door. Surely there is something that the manufacturer can do that will be acceptable. I really admire you for the way you have dealt with this kitchen renovation.

  3. OH NO! I hope they have a replacement cabinet for you. You KNOW that didn't happen in shipment. Hope they make it right for you.

    On the other hand . . . what you've done looks GREAT!

  4. Oh no...I hope you get some action from the company. Hope you don't find anymore damage:(

  5. I really like your cabinets a LOT! We chose gray for our bathroom vanities too.
    What you have gotten done looks great but I'm really sorry about the door. Why can't everything just turn out perfectly just once?

  6. What a great beginning--the new cabinets are a great choice-looks very good! The damage is discouraging; I would use self repair wood and some paint and move on!