Saturday, September 18, 2021

On the Needles

For those of you keeping score, here is yesterday's kitchen update. We're building an outlet for the new fancy range hood. I should say The Mister is building it because I had a killer headache and pretty much just stomped around moaning about it all day. spite of all the week's many trials and tribulations I managed to get some knitting time. The Olympic hat is finished. All I had left of that ball of handspun was what you see at the top. It was a hair raising game of yarn chicken at the end. Now I have to unzip that provisional cast on and start knitting the lining but I have to wait for the yarn to get here. I ordered some nice soft acrylic for it. 

I finished one of the Align mitts and started the second. It's kind of mangy looking but that's the beauty of handspun.

I found the needle I needed for the body of Dogstar and put a few inches on it. For 8 more inches it will be nice mindless knitting. I like that. 

I've ordered some variegated Chroma worsted for the color work yoke without realizing I already had a box in the closet full of it. I really need to do something with it someday.

I turned the heel on the Woodsie man socks and ordered another ball just in case I run out since those balls are looking mighty small-unlike Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend's in Trinidad (!?!). Sorry. I couldn't resist. It's hard to believe that Patons hasn't figured out how much yarn is needed for a pair of decent sized socks. Everyone else has. 


  1. That "man-sock" yarn is really cool. I never find anything like that at my Michael's. They apparently only get the "ugly" colors.

    Between Nicki Minaj and Eric Clapton we'll never beat this Covid thing. Can you imagine taking health advice from those two????

  2. So congrats on having your hubby work that thing out in the kitchen. You are more patient than I with your O. hat. I bet my famiiy wouid prefer the provisionai1 cast on because they are so warm when you knit a 1iner. IM not a huge Patons bring up a good point. As for Chroma you cannot ever have enough. I think Chroma makes neat hats and cow1s. Hugs to you !

  3. The sock yarn is really cool, though! I hope you keep seeing progress on your kitchen for a change! The hat is really pretty-the lining will make it warm and so soft!

  4. That kitchen project is a long-term one, but I am sure it will be totally worth it.
    I love the way the Align mitts looks in handspun -- so cozy.
    And I'm very glad to learn I am not the only one who can't keep track of her stash! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Your hat is so cheerful. IO hope your headache goes away!

  6. I like your hat and the mitts too. Those socks are a great colorway though. I tried to find the yarn on Amazon but couldn't find that color. Our local Michaels NEVER has and good colors except Blue Rag.
    Good for the Mister working on the range hood. Those are not my idea of fun projects.