Sunday, September 12, 2021

Damn the Torpedoes, Full Steam Ahead....


We've run into some major roadblocks in the past few weeks but all the same we are plowing on. I had to say goodbye to my little Covid corner yesterday. That itty bitty section of counter space kept me sane for the past year and a half. Like so many, I baked and cooked up a storm using the little 18 inch slice of kitchen I had left after the big rip out. 

Now my corner looks like this and it really unnerved me. My little bit of normal is now gone. It's like camping out in your own house. 

Not having a sink is the worst but we have to get those base cabinets out and the new ones in before we can have someone come in and measure for the counter top and the new sink. The way things are going it could be weeks, months or even years before it is delivered. I'll adjust. I always have. 


  1. You are making progress! We used pieces of plywood as countertops for about six weeks before our countertops were made...we used our new sink on the plywood. You will make it work :)

  2. Sending lots of positive thoughts for speedy deliveries!

  3. Oh, my! It is hard to see the rip out when you don't have the immediate replacement possibilities! Hang in there--it's gonna be great all new and shining in a month!