Thursday, September 9, 2021

Roadtrip to H E Double Hockey Sticks.


We up at 6 and out the door because we had a 9 am appointment at Lowes yesterday. We were almost the only folks in the place and everyone was masked and distanced. We went to hash out the cabinet issue. The Mister loves a good fight-me...not so much.

We were surprised to see that our cabinet model was still on display. It's the one on the wall right behind the handle on Pup's stroller. 

It was wearing a new sticker warning of changes but it didn't say discontinued. The sales associate told us that the manufacturer told the stores that they would be discontinued on September 30th-not August 31st like we were told. We had brought the broken door and notebooks full of measurements and it ended up taking 2 LONG HOURS to work out the details of getting a replacement door and ordering the cabinet for over the refrigerator. 

While The Mister hashed out the details with the sales folk Pup and I looked at tile for the back splash and material for the counter top. I also found the refrigerator I wanted and the stove but of course none are in stock. Things are bleak in the ordering world right now. The dishwasher that was supposed to be here Monday now won't be here until next week-we hope. 

Pup and I spent a lot of time rolling around the store. The Halloween section was my favorite. Pup just wanted lunch. We ended up leaving the store without completing the transaction because they couldn't get the computers to cooperate to complete the sale so we headed home to finish it by phone when they got their end figured out. 

Surprise, surprise....the errant range hood was on the front porch when we got home as well as another package of very yarny goodness. I'll tell you all about that tomorrow. 

A few minutes later the UPS guy handed me a box that contained lots of Pumpkin Spice goodness and some chocolate surprises. Thanks Sandflies! She keeps me in the good stuff every fall. I made a pot right away because our miserable day was far from over.
9 hours from where we started and many, many phone calls later we finally got a confirmation email that the order went through but...... THE CABINET THEY ORDERED WAS THE WRONG SIZE. I don't think I've ever seen The Mister so beat. He's finally where I am with all this kitchen nonsense. Burn it down. 


  1. What a fiasco!! Sorry this has been so difficult for you both. When we ordered our stove the other month we did not order the one I wanted (which was quite a bit cheaper) - the clerk was honest with us...telling us it was not in stock and would not was being discontinued even though they still showed it!~

  2. OMG .... why can't people just do their job and do it right.

    We are having a roof put on ... it has been, as you said two days of H E double hockey sticks.

  3. Oh gee... this has definitely been an... adventure!!
    This makes me very happy we won't be replacing our cabinets - just giving them a new finish. Of course, that's AGES from now.

  4. You’ve had more than your share of pandemic related frustration. Hopefully, things will start falling into place soon.

  5. Unbelievable! I'm so sorry things have to be so hard with this kitchen ordering!!!!
    It's a good thing you had your pumpkin spice coffee surprise-you needed it!

  6. I wish I could say I'm surprised, but well, I'm not. I just got off the phone from Lowes about 10 minutes ago. Our tub and shower surround that were supposed to be here 3 1/2 weeks ago are still not here. When I called last week the lady said we had already picked it up. I explained that no, we hadn't. We had picked up the vanity and marble top. Guess what I had to explain to a different person today. He has no clue where they are either. We're promised a phone call after 5:30 when the guy we ordered it with gets into work. We'll see. I'm ready to give up.
    On a promising note, your yarn box sounds like it will be fun to see and the box of goodies you got today looks yummy.

  7. I'm speechless! Maybe I'll live with my butt-ugly kitchen forever.

  8. Crap. Hope you get it straightened out:(