Monday, September 13, 2021

In a Knot


It was day three of the supreme mess when a real disaster struck. No, I'm not talking about the fact that we still haven't fixed the wrong cabinet disaster. They canceled that order but no one seems to be very interested in putting through the right one. It's been a week of daily going back and forth. 

No, I am talking about a disaster of a whole different kind. I had spent the day before painting and scraping all the old grout off the floor of the sink corner. It was early morning and I was sore and grouchy and The Mister was having a fit of some kind while trying to level up the wall cabinets. All I wanted to do was sit and knit for a bit and drink a cup of coffee to get myself in gear for another day of kitchen madness when......

....I found a knot in my sock yarn. I HATE knots and had even taken the time to re-roll up the yarn before I cast on to make sure I didn't have any and surprise, surprise I must have missed this one. Not only was there a knot but there was a big change in the color so I had to do a lot of fiddly stuff to get the stripes for the two back on track. I was not happy. 

I spent the rest of the day in a very bad mood. And Valerie.....I think you are right. I don't think this is going to be enough yarn for man socks. So...I've just knit myself ANOTHER pair of socks when I've been desperate to finish off the Christmas gift box. The knitting gods are really having a good laugh at my expense these days. 

And....I saw this on Twitter the other day. I'm tempted. 


  1. LOL - the skeleton in the empty space is a hoot!! Gosh I hate knots in yarn...

  2. OMG! That last photo gave me a LOL moment.

    Sorry about the knot. Sadly, Knit Picks is famous for that. It drives me crazy too.

  3. Okay, that wasn't quite the disaster I was imagining... and you gave us a laugh with the last pic... Somehow you are keeping your patience and you will make this kitchen redo work! Don't know how you do it but good for you!

  4. I don't mind a knot but I hate it when it messes up the stripe sequence.
    You may still get man socks out of them if you have something contrasting for heels and toes.

  5. LOL, love the last photo! I do NOT like naughty, knotty yarn.

  6. Oh do it! Ske1etons on sa1e on 1ine jo ann fabrics. I got me one

  7. I thought I commented last night, but I was so tired, I fell asleep and woke up with a line of g's across the screen!
    Anyway, I hooted when I saw that picture! Hilarious! My last skein of yarn on the baby blanket was FULL of knots. I wasn't a happy knitter.

  8. Knots like that really frustrate me, too! The kitchen is really putting you both through the wringer! The skeleton is funny-and tempting!