Monday, September 20, 2021

The Red Zone


We have a family football pool and every year I get in it and every year I never watch a game. This year I am spending Sundays on the couch watching The Red Zone. The Mister even made me a cheat sheet since I had no idea what the teams are called anymore. 

I threw a red sheet over the filthy couch and planted myself there most of the day. I had plenty of lap work to keep me busy.

I really should have been sewing all these blocks together. I really want to get that memory quilt thing off my plate and I'm getting close.

Instead I spent the day adding to my paper pieced table runner and hand quilting the border on Dad's squares quilt. 

Speaking of red, I've got a beat up old Ikea Ektorp couch in the living room and you can't get anymore fun covers for it. The cheap beige one I put on for the duration of the remodel has about had it. I found this one on ebay for $100. It looks like red is going to be my color this year. 


  1. I have planned red in so many rooms and it always falls through for me--I think it will look great!
    I forgot you had that memory quilt to do--

  2. No football here either. Luckily Dennis isn't fond of it either so that frees up our weekend a lot. We spent the day yesterday after church at puppy training class and helping Mandy pull up her garden. No stitching at all got done. Life is certainly different here.

  3. That is a GREAT new cover for your couch! Love the design and the red color. I'm not into ANY sports! LOL

  4. No football fans here...but I wish you luck with your picks! That couch cover is so pretty I like red!

  5. Red is a fantastic colour. My bedroom is done in Beige, warm brown, and cream with BIG pops of red. It's stunnning. Or at least it will be... right now the pink floral wallpaper left from the previous owners is ruining the vibe.

  6. Good luck with your football pool.

  7. I have to 1augh about the footba11 poo1!!!! win yarn money

  8. The only time I watch sports is when my sister is around: she is a sports fanatic. I don’t have a clue what’s happening in the game, so if a game is on the TV, I knit. Love the red slipcover.