Saturday, September 4, 2021

Hitting the Road


Today was a clear up day. Instead of ripping stuff out we took what we've already ripped out and got rid of it. Some got donated. Some got dumped. I got to knit on the ride to and fro. I've almost forgotten how it's been that long.

My pile of little projects sits on my rocking chair in the middle of all the chaos in case I can find a minute to myself. So far it hasn't happened but it will keep. It's not like I have any knitting mojo now anyway. 

I did sneak off into the sewing room early yesterday morning while The Mister made a quick trip to the hardware store and got two more blocks finished on the memory quilt. Today Daughter and SIL are coming to help us get that heavy corner cabinet up on the wall so we should be seeing from progress from here on out. new dishwasher was supposed to be delivered on Monday and wouldn't you know it-it wasn't 24 hours after ordering it that they sent us an email saying that due to Covid to expect significant delays. We can't put in the base cabinets until it comes so you know how that's gonna go. just gotta laugh. At least the range hood is moving. It's in Missouri 


  1. I am so tired of Covid being the excuse for everything inefficient!!!! I'm sure you are, too. I'm glad you had a clear out day and got to enjoy car knitting for a change!

  2. Our kitchen desperately needs a remodel but you've convinced me that now is not the time!

  3. Hope it comes faster than my fridge that took four plus months!

  4. Good golly .... companies better get used to Covid and make adjustments. Things aren't getting better. I echo what Cindy (Delighted Hands said.)

    We had the same issue with our dishwasher. Approx. delivery was 8-10 months. So, we changed course and ordered one they had in stock.

  5. We ordered a tub and shower surround awhile ago for our bathroom remodel. The contractor isn't ready yet but we want to have all of our parts ready and waiting. I called Lowes today and they have no idea when it will be in! *sigh*
    I'm glad you got a little bit of crafting time in and that soon all will be finished and you'll be cooking away.