Monday, September 27, 2021

A Very Little Dividend


Remember Boris, my friendly Black Vulture? He/she showed up right before lockdown, disappeared all winter and then came back in the spring. 

Last week he/she has been showing up for its scrap meal with a very shy little friend. At first I thought the little thing was mangy. It wasn't sleek and black like Boris, it had white tufts all over it.

It sort of has this vibe going on. Did you ever see The Giant Claw when you were a kid? My sisters and I loved this movie. It might be one of the reasons I have a fear of flying lol....

After watching the two birds behavior over several days I realized that this weird little thing was Boris's offspring. After a little research I discovered that baby Black Vultures are white when they hatch. Baby Boris hasn't quite shed all of its baby feathers yet giving his head that odd Mohawk look to it. That means that for part of the past eight months Boris has been out in the woods sitting on a nest in his/her spare time. That also means, since they mate for life, that there is a Mr. Boris out there somewhere or have I been seeing two different birds each taking a turn getting food to feed the little one? I dunno..but I'm sure getting an education on vultures. 


  1. The idea of Baby Boris just makes me smile.

    Living in Florida I saw a LOT of vultures. Yet, I'm not sure I've EVER seen a baby one. You are very lucky.

  2. A baby Boris! How wonderful. You sure do your part to take care of the animals around you Deb. I'm proud to be your friend.

  3. Fun post! Maybe one day soon, you’ll see the whole family.

  4. Fascinating!!!! And thanks for sharing that with us; I love to learn about nature in my own yard! Very cool!

  5. The VuIture as spirit guide, sees your energy and enthusiasm. PIus a dozen other things I cannot keep in my brain. But, Deb, I did Iook that much UP!!!! I Iove that you have the baby bird

  6. Boris and Natasha? you cannot call them both Boris! had a baby:)