Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Rescue Me


Before we head off on a long road trip with Pup we stop at the outskirts of our local marina to let her wander a bit and wear her out. Yesterday morning before our latest road trip to Lowes I found a baby crab in the marina parking lot wandering around on the asphalt. I scooped it up in a bucket we carry and we took it down to the water where it looked very happy swimming away. How a cute little baby crab got so far from the water I'll never know but I was there at the right time. That hot asphalt would have cooked that baby in no time at all. 

Speaking of needing rescuing, I think I've hit my limit on this whole kitchen thing. After driving an hour both ways to pull out a drawer I want to just cover the whole mess up in plastic again and call it a day. I am so over trying to figure things out.  We did order the stove. It may be here sometime in October but I'm not holding my breath.  

The refrigerator I wanted would not even be in stock until January so we couldn't order it. It's hard to find one without an ice maker or one of those door thingys. We can't have any of that fancy stuff because of our well situation. Our water would ruin those things in no time at all and that is with a $4000 water softening system. 

Things back at home on the knitting front aren't going well either. I spent all that money on one ball of Chroma in Sandpiper with that additional $5.99 shipping only to find out it had purple in it. No where in the description did it mention purple. It was supposed to be all olive browns, whites, grays and blues but I see purple. Do you? It's going in the orphan Chroma box with all the others. I can't use it in the project I needed it for. I'll have to keep looking.

I will say that Knit Picks beat Amazon getting yarn here. I ordered this extra skein of Patons Kroy in Woodsie the same day as the Chroma and it beat the Kroy here by two days but even these simple socks haven't been playing nicely. I spent the morning tinking them both back because somehow I miscount the instep stitches and the toes were crooked. 

It's just as well that my knitting is not playing nice at the moment because I have too much homework to do anyway. The Mister is waiting for my decisions on the cabinet door handle hardware and the faucet so I'm going to spend what little time I have to myself again today looking at pictures of kitchens and reading reviews. Ugh.


  1. Yay for saving little crab!

    Remember when shopping used to be kind of fun? Not anymore. Yikes.

  2. Yay for a crab save! And the "Woodsie" yarn is just so pretty. I will say that my patience would have left a long time ago with your kitchen remodel. I don't know how you do it!

  3. Oh my! It does sound like you've about hit your limit. I remember the water there. The first shower I went to take looked like blook coming out of the spigot. Yuck! The next day they had a softening system too. I never could drink or cook with that water. We went to the store and bought gallons at a time. And it took forever to get that orange/red out of the tubs.
    I don't like the fancy stuff either. We make our own ice and no fancy stuff in the doors either. Just more to go wrong in my opinion.
    I did enjoy picking out hardware though. Just not adding up the cost!
    Have a great day Debbie.
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. Sandpiper definitely has purple. The little crab was lucky you happened along.

  5. Nice rescue for the baby crab...I wish I could rescue you from all of the decisions, though. Just pick them out and get it done! The yarn does have purple...

  6. Oh Sandpiper is pretty!!! Oh dear. Please reference Miss Cookies Kitchen circa 1965

  7. Personally I like purple but I know it’s not for everyone.
    I don’t know how you are surviving this kitchen mess. It is never-ending—or ar least seems that way. It will be done some day!

  8. What a cute little crab!

    I had a similar problem with a Chroma chunky (Drawing Room). On the website it looked like it was a soft grey and purple. When I got it, it was bright blue/turquoise and purple. They looked NOTHING like the photo. Knit picks solution to the issue was just to send me more yarn of the same colour. I don't know how that fixed it, but it was free yarn so I took it. I made my cardigan with the first batch, and gave the second to my SIL.

  9. Yes I see purple. Good luck finding a fridge! I had to wait many months for mine:(