Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Wednesday WIPs


Woo hoo....looks what's out and about again. Festive Doodle is seeing the light of day thanks to Arne and Carlos. I am watching their new travel series and and while I am watching my knitting mojo goes in high gear. 

The two at a time baby Dogstar's sleeves are done. Now on to the body which I hope is more interesting than these sleeves.

I'm on the top ribbing of the first Align mitt. I'm not feeling the love for this project but I'm slogging on. Whenever I take a project out of its bag and put it in a basket it means it's in trouble. Baskets cure the "out of sight" issue for me. I've sure got a lot of baskets piled up right now. It's been that bad.

Another basket. The ill fated hat is finally on the right track but it's earned its basket status just for being naughty. 


  1. I have a lot of 'naughty buckets' for knitting, too! lol But you will forgive them and get them done-you always do!

  2. You do have lots of baskets. I have 5 projects going on right now but I'm only currently working on the baby blanket.
    Festive Doodle amazes me. It's gorgeous.

  3. Festive Doodle is wonderful - so colorful and fun. You have a lot of projects going on...I have 3 and that is too many - LOL

  4. Time for me to pull out some baskets and fill them with stalled projects!

  5. You are making progress! I love the colors in the hat yarn...naughty or not it will be pretty!

  6. The Fair Isle sweater is a knock-out. I can't help but notice that the colors are Christmasy -- but not overwhelmingly so -- so it will be a great winter sweater.
    I knit my daughter a pair of Align Mitts. It's not the most-fun knit, but she really likes the mitts.

  7. Just amazing. happy to see your projects in yarn!