Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday


Somehow I managed to get a whale and rubber ducky on the toy tree this week but that's about it.

It's been all kitchen all day so not much else is getting done. The good news is that the dishwasher showed up yesterday at 7:30 am. That was a surprise. 

Now that it's here we had to get serious about putting in the sink cabinet which was no fun. Cutting up your new cabinet so the pipes can fit is just a terrible feeling. 

Since the kitchen is on the upper floor our pipes come up out of the floor and that makes it tricky but we got it done.
The Mister is going crabbing today so we are taking a much needed day off. There's not much I can do in this mess to have my kind of fun but I'm sure I'll figure something out. 


  1. You two are so brave. I don't think I would ever, ever want to do a kitchen myself without hiring a small arm.

  2. That sampler has so many cute motifs on it! The whale is just darling. So glad your dishwasher showed up.

  3. Oh my gosh..... my hands would be shaking making that first cut. Looks like it worked out perfectly.

    I love that little sampler. It's quite detailed.

  4. I have found that you definitely need those days off mid-reno. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure the reno ends in a murder with a REAL skeleton hidden behind your cabinets!!!

  5. Yeah for a base cabinet with plumbing! We don't have a dish washer...when we did we didn't use it but two or three times a year. My Mom seems to be always loading or unloading...and in the meantime I can be all done!

  6. You guys are sure skilled! I would not know where to begin with that kitchen installation and would not dare attempt it. It is going to look terrific!

  7. That sampler is so sweet! You need a day off!