Saturday, September 11, 2021

More New Stuff


First let me say that yes, I know it's 9/11 and yes, I know it's the 20th anniversary and yes, I feel awful about it especially after watching Spike Lee's grim documentary series about it on HBO but there is too much additional misery in the world right now to dwell on any one specific horror and what I really want to talk about right now is this. Look at that mess. 

I've got a slew of circular needles. Besides that mess of loose ones I have others that are neatly put away in their original envelopes. I had a royal conniption fit the other day when I went looking for a needle to work on the body of Dogstar. How could I NOT have the size and length I needed? How? But I couldn't find one to save my life in this mess.

So I went online looking for a solution and pretty much came up with nothing that I thought would work. This little pouch was cute so I ended up buying it even though it wasn't what I was looking for.

It doesn't really help me know which size needle is which but it does keep them from tangling up. After sorting out the loose needle pile and getting half of them back in their correct package I had plenty of room in the pouch pockets to tuck the stray ones away. 

Speaking of conniption fits.... the Walrus Strolls that I had intended to be man socks just look too small. I think I used the wrong needle size so I needed to start another pair for the gift box and I had nothing I liked in the sock yarn stash in man colors. It's been a long time since I've been this worked up over something but I was and the only cure was some retail therapy. Amazon to the rescue.

I spent the whole summer dilly dallying over my stupid kitchen and now I've got some serious time to make up. Notice the basket? These two at a time side by siders are getting my maximum attention. Everything else is on hold. No time to waste.

And......this was the week for surprise packages. Rebecca sent me all these goodies. At first I wasn't sure what the ceramic thing was. 

I went to the Etsy shop of the ceramicist and discovered is was a soap dish-a brilliant soap dish. I love my soap but I hate how messy it gets. Problem solved! Thanks again, Rebecca!


  1. I love hoe that Kroy is knitting up.

  2. I use the hangers from infants outfits. Sometimes they put several outfits together so there are multiples all in one. The indentations at the shoulders are large enough for several cable needles. They hang in a closet and there you go.

  3. The new socks look great! That soap dish is brilliant and so pretty, too!

  4. Way cool soap dish! I think I have that same yarn:)

  5. very chic and practica1 soap ho1der.
    I've never come up with a 1asting effective need1e ho1der. I've tried the three ring binder, I've tried the thing on the hanger, and I've tried something e1seI .........But it didn't work either. My so1ution. For now, at this point in this year: just knit socks. Same need1es . No issues.

  6. Love that green brown Kroy... if you're making man socks, you may want to order an extra ball. I find I have to use something different for heels/toes if I don't and I'm using Kroy - two balls just isn't enough.

  7. Ooh! I love that Kroy sock yarn. Very cool the way it's knitting up.
    I have all of my circulars in gallon size ziplocks by size, not length. ie-all 7's are in one bag, etc. Then I wrote the number on the outside in permanent marker. I store theme in a plastic shoe box. Nothing fancy, but it works very well for me. I've tried so many things that never worked.