Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Out With the Old

The sun finally came out late yesterday afternoon.

It was just enough light and just enough time to give me the last finish of 2019.  Woo hoo. It's the first pair in the 2020 gift box. That's Wild Hare's November colorway and it's a lot prettier in person than it is in a photo.

How about a kitty pic to go with that FO? That's the look they give me all day. They really don't know what to make of me and all the weird stuff I bring with me.

 I was pretty quiet last night though. I spent all night on Ravelry looking up Icelandic yarn and patterns. Daughter lit a fire with all that yarn talk. What I found was a Lopi that I have never used. It's Plotulopi which is unspun.

I wanted something new for the New Year and I found Altheda which is a popular pattern knit in Plotulopi. I ended up buying a sweater's worth in these colors from a vendor in Iceland who has an Etsy shop. I got all that and a bit extra for $35. There was even free shipping from Iceland. Wow.

Speaking of Iceland, here is Daughter in Iceland wearing the Lopi I knit many years ago. That yarn has traveled more than I have. Now it's back where it started from lol....She said those sweaters were $250 in the shop in Reykjavik. Whoa...

Yesterday was the day they took a bus out to the glaciers where they rode snowmobiles out in the mountains.

I spent the day watching my phone for the text telling me they were back at the hotel safe and sound.  Daughter flipped her snowmobile but didn't hurt herself. Then the tour bus got caught in a snowstorm and had to take a long detour back to town after another tour bus had a crash. Iceland is beautiful but I'll be glad when they are home.


  1. That is an amazing price for the yarn and your new pattern is gorgeous as is the one your daughter is wearing.
    I would be sitting by the phone too. Iceland sounds like a dangerous place. Mom's worry. I guess that's our job and I do it well.
    Blessings my friend,

  2. This is beautiful sweater, I want to knit it too! Liana

  3. Oh Im so glad she is alright. Tipping machines and buses stuck are big adventures...but I'm good with staying in! Big plans for that wool Deb. You will do it !

  4. I wondered about the cost of the sweaters in the shop. If well made and with good care, they will last for years.

  5. Gracious! Your DD is certainly adventurous but I'm sure she's got plenty of wisdom and common sense! What a wonderful price for your yarn - great way to start the new year!

  6. The socks look great!
    That's a nice sweater.... another one into the queue!

  7. The socks are just beautiful as are Emi, the sweaters and your daughter. The photos of the scenery on their trip look so vast and cold.

  8. That waterfall picture made me antsy just looking at the edge in the foreground.

  9. Iceland in the winter...hope they have a great time. Your new sweater design will be awesome! Happy New Year

  10. Great finish to go with the last day of the year!
    Your daughter looks so happy! Great sweater purchase--it will be beautiful and fun to knit!

  11. I love that your daughter had such an incredible experience and shared it all with you including yarn stores.