Friday, December 20, 2019


 Ever wonder what Soldotna looked like inside out? Well, here you go. It's always scary to face all those loose ends but it actually wasn't too bad.

 Ta dah.......I'm not really in love with the colors but it fits and will work very nicely under my big coat where a sweater with full sleeves is just too bulky.

My second one is already in progress. This time I am using the colors I picked out and am much happier with it. When it comes to big bits of woolly things I'm much more the understated neutral type than the "you won't lose me in a crowd" type.

Then there is this. I made the mistake on Son's birthday of posting about his Baby Yoda and now Daughter HAS to have one.  I got an earful. My kids are in their late 30's and early 40's but when it comes to who-gets-what they still act like little kids. Meet Baby Yoda #2.


  1. Oh Soldotna is gorgeous and I think I like the second one's colors even better too. I admire your colorwork. I don't do colorwork very well. I think I knit too tight.
    I laughed out loud about Baby Yoda. Some things never change do they?
    Blessings and love,

  2. Such a beauty! Liana

  3. Ha! The birth order competition is alive and strong! The sweater is beautiful, but I agree with you about the more subtle coloring--this new one is stunning! Happy knitting!

  4. Love the sweater and I know you'll receive many compliments when you wear it.

  5. I love both of your sweaters. I really like the color in the body of the first one. I always find it so neat when my family asks for something I have made.

  6. Both are lovely but I like the green the best!

  7. Deb...cmon You are such an amazing sweater knitter!!!
    Glad a martini helped. This Grief business is bad enough when its not the Merry Merry Merry in your face......

  8. I am SO in love with your understated Soldotna. I absolutely love the paler, more neutral colors. Just gorgeous!