Saturday, December 7, 2019

To Die For

 Today I'm off to my dear friend's 75th birthday party. It's a surprise party. To tell you the truth I'm surprised I have a friend that's turning 75. She looks younger than me and although retired, she still gets up at 4:30 am to make the long commute from Annapolis to substitute at her old school on a regular basis. I wish I could borrow some of her energy.

 I was down in the card room again last night working on her birthday card when I decided to play with the snowmen design one more time. This new frame die just arrived in the mail and I think it's just what the little fellas needed.

Ta dah....I think we have the card. Now I can put the assembly line in motion and have these things knocked out in no time.


  1. Your friend sounds like mine. Nita turned 75 in November and is finally retiring the end of this month. She's the cruise queen having been on 37 Princess cruises in the past 15 years. I went on my one and only cruise with her. She can run circles around me.
    Loving that sweet snowman card my friend.

  2. How sweet your snowmen look all framed to perfection! Have a good time at the party!

  3. Yes, you nailed it for the snowman cards! They are so cute. Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your friend's birthday.

  4. Nice job on the cards: they're cute. Happy Birthday to your friend!

  5. Have a wonderful time at the party! Friends of all ages are so important!
    Love the card - that frame really sets off the design beautifully!

  6. Your cards are adorable! I'm inspired to get into my craft stuff and create some of my own!