Friday, December 6, 2019

Ho Ho Hum

 I said I wasn't going to but The Mister thought we should make a few handmade cards. A few is the working premise here. After a day of wrangling drywall I'm in no mood to be fussing with cards.

Making the snowmen is fun but I hate having to line up words. I'm terrible at it. The good thing is that once I get it right I can leave the stamps on the stamping plate and I can make a bunch all at once. I'm not quite there yet.

 Speaking of wrangling drywall, we got that stud shaved down and the new piece put up. Now I have a nice smooth surface for tile-when and if I ever pick any out.

My poor dining room table has been put to good use. I don't think Ikea had intended for it to be a work table but it does the job. I hope it lasts the re-do because I really like it.


  1. The cards are so sweet. Snowmen are my favorite decoraton and I leave them out most of the winter because, hey, they are snowmen, not Christmasmen! :-)
    You two sure got that wall shaved and drywalled quickly. You should hire yourselves out. Just kiddiing. (I can picture you hyperventilating right now.)

  2. Your cards are always so cute! Liana

  3. Sweet penguin cards! Better than working with sheetrock any day!

  4. Awwwwwwwwww....such cute little snowmen.

    Hope they all get in line and stay in line for you.

  5. What progress you guys are making! Your cards are really pretty (as usual).