Sunday, December 29, 2019

Knitting the Day Away

 I usually divide my time among my many hobbies but not today. It was all knit, all day. I started the morning working on Soldotna with Arne and Carlos as they did a review of their knitting year. I love those guys. I need to make a resolution to start a pattern of theirs. They design some great stuff.

 I cast on another giant man sock with The Happy Knitting Podcast. She made me buy sock yarn from Etsy. I'm so susceptible to suggestion. When she showed off the socks she was knitting for her husband and said the yarn was hard to find I had to have some of it too. I found it on Etsy.

 I worked on what I hope will be my first finish of 2020 with Skeindeer Knits as she did a year review of her sweaters. That's the second sock of the first pair of what I hope will be another bag of socks for gifting next Christmas.

 My panic packing included this oldie. I haven't worked on Lofoten since last winter. I got two rows done watching the Kammebornia podcast. It was a tough knit not only because this is a very hard pattern but because the podcast has subtitles. It was not a good combination. It is a good podcast though.

Finally, just as the sun was going down and I was losing my light, I cast on another Northern Lights hat this time hopefully making it big enough to fit my head while listening to a local podcaster, Thread to Mend. I could have spent a fortune on yarn and projects listening to all these folks show off their goodies. That's why I don't usually listen to podcasts. My Ravelry queue, however, is much longer today than it was yesterday.

Daughter and SIL must be having a blast in Iceland. This is the only photo I've received since they landed. It looks pretty amazing. I hope she doesn't forget to take photos. I need more photos.


  1. You are going to get all of your knitting done in record time. I do almost all of my knitting/crocheting to podcasts. I've been addicted to the Vlogmas videos so many have made this month. I'm afraid I'll have to go through withdrawals in January. :-) . Iceland looks amazing.

  2. Subtitles and knitting definitely don't mix!
    Looks like you've got a lot of great things going there.

  3. You've given me some good podcast ideas. Off to see what they are like.

  4. Beautiful photo of your daughter. Your knitting projects are fabulous!

  5. All of the projects you are working on are beautiful. I love Lofoten - the design and colors. It is just wonderful and you need that to wear the next few months.

  6. Oh, that photo is lovely; I don't really travel but love photos that make me "feel" the place. Love your knitting! I'm still working on a Christmas present which is fine because I won't see the dear friend it's for until next week.

  7. Well done by you knitting and enjoying podcasts. All I have been listening to is Dr Mariza Snyder's podcast on women's health issues, I love it. It is with me everyday int he car. Have a relaxing day.

  8. That sweater is going to be amazing lady!

  9. What a wonderful time knitting! I think podcasts can be very dangerous for their 'recommendations'! lol Beautiful backdrop for your daughter!